Hiatus Message

Hey guys.

So my life for the next one to two weeks is going to be like hell. I will barely have time to breathe let alone blog. 

Internship is working me like a dog, I’m an editor at the newspaper and that’s like a third job, also it’s my last year before transferring to a big big university so every single test, assignment, quiz, project, paper…etc. counts and is scrutinized like you wouldn’t believe and midterms are beginning now. I can’t even get started on the personal stuff going on (it’s not bad just overwhelming).


My plate is beyond full and I’m putting social media to the side for a bit. This includes, besides my tumblr, my twitter and my facebook and most likely my instagram.

Keep well while I’m gone!


16 Oct 14   –   1 note


spotting a hater like

I have been kind of tense lately. Just thinking about the new Star Wars sequel.

For the first time in forever…..

I changed my blog theme!

might switch back, not sure just playing around.

I’ve had that theme for almost a year to year and a half!

15 Oct 14   –   2 notes