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Hi everybody. This is Lito, he’s one of our gardeners/farmers that helps us on our farm. He’s worked for our family since before I can remember. I love him very much. Like my parents and family, he’s an immigrant from Mexico. He came here, legally, to send money to his wife and children in San Luis Potosi. Last year, around Christmas, Lito’s wife and daughter became victims to cartel violence and died. He’s been trying ever since to bring his son up to the United States to be with him. He’s almost done with the process but the legal fees are piling up. He hasn’t seen his son in 3 years and he wants to be with him and give him better opportunities to education and work also he wants to give him a safe area to live and not be threatened by cartel violence or even be bullied into the cartels. We don’t pay Lito directly, if we did, we’d forward his pay. And we can’t give him money under the table, it’d be suspicious and could threaten his chance to bring his son up here to the United States.
Now Lito is saving up all he can, but he also has to make a living and prepare for when his son does come up. I’m putting this amount up, it’s not nearly a quarter of what he needs but it’ll help him immensely. 
I will do anything it takes to raise this money for him. I truly will!!
Please help him out. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!
I wouldn’t be where I am now, in college and living a nice life, if my parents and grandparents hadn’t migrated up to the US and I thank them everyday for letting me have this wonderful life full of opportunities. Please please please help!!!

Click the picture to link to the gofundme page!

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